A Fishy Affair: L’zwaar Seafood Market

We usually spend Saturdays at home, we wake up late in the morning (or should I say afternoon :P), have late lunch, watch some good movies followed by a light dinner. But this time, we planned to do something different. A lunch somewhere nice was long due, so we woke up a little earlier than we usually do on Saturdays, ditched breakfast, and went for lunch. L’zwaar seafood market it was! We had been there before as well and had really good experiences, so thought it was a safe bet.

As we entered the place, it was almost full. Thankfully we got a table really quick. The good thing is that you get a variety of options to choose from. You are presented with a menu card and there’s a broad selection of fresh seafood as well, from which you can select your choice of seafood that can be prepared according to your taste. We ordered vegetable tempura, fish and chips, lobster thermidor, stir-fried sweet and sour fish, mashed potato and fresh juices. The bread basket along with dips and fresh-vegetable basket was served which was just plain and simple. The fresh juices were really refreshing.

Till this time, everything seemed to be normal, just like it is supposed to be. But as the time passed by, things started getting worse. After around 10 minutes, vegetable tempuras were served. They were literally drenched in oil, completely not up to the mark. Couldn’t eat quite a lot of them, so just left them there and waited for the main course. But the main course took forever to come…. It was served after around forty minutes. The fish and chips, as expected, were good. But others dishes were completely against our expectations. The lobster had nothing special about it, it was very ordinary. The stir fried fish also seemed to be very ordinary, that ‘sweet and sour’ punch was definitely missing. The mashed potato with big lumps and absolutely no seasoning was below average too.

This was the food part, but now coming towards the service. We shall say that it was very disappointing. All the time we spent there, we felt like as if we were some invisible bunch of people! We asked for a spoon thrice from three different waiters, but still it took around 10 minutes for it to arrive. Also, there was a housefly roaming around our table. We called one of the staff members and asked him to do something about the housefly, and just imagine what response we got! He just smiled and passed away!

Finally when we thought that we were done with it, we were proved wrong once again. We had to ask for the bill from three different staff members. Finally the bill arrived after 10-15 minutes. And thankfully we left the place!

We really don’t want to give any bad reviews about a place, but after spending a good amount of money, if this is what we get in terms of food and service, then we are left with no other choice. We feel that over the years, L’zwaar haven’t been able to maintain the standards. In the past, we had been really fond of this place, we took our guests there, always appreciated the place in front of others, due to which without having a second thought, we decided to go there for lunch, but it turned out to be sheer disappointment! We doubt we will be going there again..


L’zwaar Seafood Market

Address: Building 27, Katara Cultural Village, Doha

L'wzaar Seafood Market Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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