Sweet and Sour Experience at Mainland China

The first time we went to Mainland China restaurant was the day it opened. It was jam-packed that day. People were pouring in, in huge groups. As there was a long waiting time, we opted to take out. At that time the menu had limited options. As far as we remember, we ordered a soup and two mains along with rice. We liked the food. Since then we were waiting to try out their full menu.
When we got to know that they had introduced a new menu, we waited no more. This time we went there for dine-in. The staff was really friendly. The interior was great too. We loved the seating arrangement.

As we were seated, peanuts coated with sesame seeds and pickled vegetables were served.
The new menu had a vast variety of dishes. For drinks, we ordered Tropical lemonade, Spiced pineapple cooler and Date delight. The drinks weren’t up to the mark. Tropical lemonade was just average, there was nothing special about it. The spiced pineapple cooler was more like ginger infused tinned pineapple juice. The Date delight was too heavy and too sweet for our taste.

For appetizers, we ordered Steamed Hamour dumplings with truffle oil and Pan fried Hamour with homemade chilli sauce. The hamour dumplings were pretty average, bit over-steamed. Whereas the Pan fried Hamour with chilli sauce was great. We loved the taste. The fish was well cooked and the chilli sauce complemented well with it.

Now coming to the main course, we ordered General Tao’s favourite chicken, Kung Pao chicken, Braised Hamour in ginger coriander and Chicken fried rice. It took a while for the main course to arrive. The Braised Hamour was good but it tasted similar to the appetizer (pan fried hamour). General Tao’s favourite chicken was good too with well balanced sauce. The Kung Pao chicken was just average, may be a little bit too salty for us. The Chicken fried rice, with a nice aroma, were cooked very well. They tasted good with all the dishes.

Finally for deserts we had chocolate ice-cream and steamed coconut dumplings with honey butter sauce. The chocolate ice-cream was just a scoop of any ordinary ice-cream. The steamed coconut dumplings were over stuffed with coconut making them a bit too heavy, but the surprise element of vanilla ice-cream was the savior of the dish. The vanilla ice-cream went along with the desert really well.

Overall our experience was bitter and sweet or should we say ‘sweet and sour’. May be, after reading a lot of good reviews about the place, we were expecting too much from them.

For further details regarding location, timings and menu, kindly visit Zomato by clicking the following link:

Mainland China Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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