Just Right @ Sabai Thai

We had been reading really good reviews about Sabai Thai since its opening. We were longing to try it but just couldn’t find the time. This Tuesday we thought was just the right to time to visit the place. The weather was really nice, not too cold, not too windy, and just right!

As soon we entered the restaurant we saw an elegant lady playing live traditional thai music. It was very pleasant just to see her playing the musical instrument. Anyways, soon we were welcomed by one of the staff members who got us seated on a cozy corner table and served the oh-so-amazing crackers with sweet chili sauce. The seating arrangement, the lighting, the cutlery, the crockery, the live cooking, everything about the ambiance was just right!


Now coming towards the food, for appetizers we ordered Tom Som Pla Grapong (Sweet and sour sea bass soup with spring onions and ginger) and Gai Hor Bai Toey (Deep fried honeyed chicken, wrapped in pandanus leaves served with dark sweet soya sauce). Now let me tell you these appetizers were THE highlight of the evening. The soup was heavenly! The best soup we have ever tasted or what! The honeyed chicken, if not better, was equally good. We really enjoyed having them.

After we were done with the starters, we were told that we will have to wait for the main course for another 20-25 minutes as the kitchen had some problem with the gas connection. Meanwhile we munched on some more crackers. Finally the main course arrived, and that too in installments! First we were served Gai Phad Med Mamuang (Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts, spring onions and chili paste). Then came in Pla Thod Priew Waan (Deep-fried fish with onions, pineapples, cucumbers and sweet and sour sauce). After five minutes or so, came the final main course Pla Phad Prik Thai Dum (Stir fried hammour fish with black pepper sauce). The fact that we loved about all the main dishes was that they contained lavish servings of veges which complemented everything really well. Also, the flavor of the sauces of the all the dishes was intense, just how it is supposed to be. But one thing which lacked in almost everything was the seasoning of meat. May it be chicken or fish, the taste was just bland, no seasoning whatsoever.

At last we had our all time favorite dessert, Khow Niew Mamaung (Coconut sticky rice with mango). As expected everything about it was just right! I mean how they could go wrong with this one!


Overall our experience was pretty good. Will we go back again? Yes, maybe not in near future but we would love to visit them one more time to try other items on the menu such as curries and other interesting looking desserts.

For more information visit Zomato:

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