Ocean Basket: South Africa meets Qatar

The first time we tried Ocean Basket was in Dubai last year. We remember we were at the airport at that time, really hungry, and in a hurry to catch our flight to Doha. That experience had went quite well. So we were looking forward to Ocean Basket’s opening in Qatar since then.

A few weeks ago, Ocean Basket Qatar finally opened its doors for the public. We couldn’t wait any longer so yesterday we went to Mall of Qatar to try it out.

Ocean Basket is located at the Ground floor, just behind the ‘oasis’ area of the mall. The place is very intelligently designed. It gives you such relaxing, cool and calm vibes. Considering it was a Thursday night, the place wasn’t crowded much. As soon we entered, we were seated at a corner table and menu was presented. Bread and butter were also served along with a few dips. And let us tell you, the bread was so soft and the dips were yum too!


Soon our server came in to take our order. He guided us very well, explaining the types of the fish, their sizes, and tastes etc.


For starters, we ordered Hummus. Hummus itself was finger licking, but we felt it should have been served with some bread.


For drinks, we had Mint Lemonade Carafe. As compared to the price, the quantity was huge! It was good enough for 3-4 people. And it tasted great too. Very few places here do the mint lemonade right, and Ocean Basket is definitely one of them. It was well balanced, not too sour, neither too sweet.


The main course took quite a long time to arrive. We had ordered the Famous Fish and Chips and the Kingklip. Apparently, the Famous Fish and Chips is their specialty. It was fried fish served with rice and fries. While the Kingklip was cajun grilled fish, also served with rice and fries. For both the dishes, fish was cooked really well, not under neither over. But they lacked seasoning. The taste was somewhat bland. Even the cajun Kingklip which was supposed to be spicy, was not spicy at all.

But only then when we were about to lose hope, the savior of the day, Ocean Basket’s ‘Even Better Piri Piri Sauce’ made a surprise entry! It was just awesome! It tasted so well with the fish, we were delighted!


Lastly we had Chocolate Bundlette for dessert. It was a chocolate bundlette filled with chocolate frosting, served with vanilla ice-cream. It looked good, but we didn’t like it much.


So, if we talk about the food, our experience was just okay. But if we talk about everything else, it was great! A big shout out to the staff, especially the manager, HenriCo and our server, Manggla (hope we are not spelling out the names wrong). They were really good at taking care of their guests. They were on their feet all the time, and made us feel welcomed.


Only due to their service, we would love to go back and try other items as well, especially their platters.

For more information about Ocean Basket, visit Zomato:

Ocean Basket Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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