Finally Found Good Biryani: Zaffran Dining Experience

Just a few days ago we were ranting about the fact that we haven’t found a decent biryani place in Doha since ages! But guess what we finally found one!

Last week we made a random plan to visit Zaffran Dining experience for lunch. Located at Emadi Financial Square, It’s a small place with both indoor and outdoor seating space. As the place is not that big, the tables are very closely placed but there’s also a small private cabin type area in the corner where one can enjoy some sort of privacy. The restaurant is well decorated, with a traditional yet modern theme. From menu card to cutlery, every minute detail has been taken well care of.

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We would have loved to try their business lunch but as it was Friday, we had no other option but to choose from the main menu. Our order:

Appetizers: Kandhari Murgh
Main Course: Raan Musslam, Awadhi Murg Biryani
Desserts: Astronomy Kulfi Canal, Traditional Rasmalai

After we were done giving the order, welcome bite, Dahi puri was served.

Dahi Puri
Dahi Puri

Next came in the welcome drinks. It was a Strawberry lemonade which tasted good.

Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade

Then Papads were served along with three different dips: mint chutney, mixed pickle and mango chutney. Our favorite amongst the dips was the mint chutney which tasted really well with the crispy papads.

Papad with Dips
Papad with Dips

Finally came in the food. First Kandhari Murg was served. It was scientifically purpled, boneless chicken fused in their signature blend spices. This dish was recommended to us by the staff. So we were expecting it to be extra-ordinary. And so it was! The chicken pieces were so juicy and were packed with flavor.

Kandhari Murg
Kandhari Murg

After we were done with the starter, main course was served. Raan Musslam is basically lamb leg cured in the signature spices. It was served with a gravy. We had asked them earlier to make it well done. And so it was. The meat was moist and tender, just like the one which just melts in your mouth!

Raan Musslam
Raan Musslam

Next came in the Awadhi Murg Biryani. At first, to be honest, we were a bit reluctant to even order it, just due to our past biryani experiences. But had finally decided to give it a try. And we are so glad we did. We just loved it! We can easily say that it was the best biryani we have ever had in Doha. It was the closest to our taste buds. Perfectly cooked rice and chicken, just the right amount of spices and oh how can we forget the beautiful aroma! It was served with Burhani Raita, which made it taste even better.

Awadhi Murg Biryani
Awadhi Murg Biryani

Then came the turn for desserts. Both the desserts were a bit of a let down. A bit too sweet for our liking, may be.

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And then just when we thought that we were done, our server came in with the steaming biscuit. It was ice cold and as it was our first experience with liquid nitrogen, we enjoyed it.

IMG_8928 2

So overall it was a very good experience. And a big shout out to our server, Surendra, who looked after us really well. The service and quality, both were equally great. Coming to the prices, they were on the higher side but the serving size justified them.

We will definitely be looking forward to see them again and again, just for the sake of that Biryani!

For more information regarding the menu, prices and location, visit Zomato:

Zaffran Dining Experience Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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