Friday Brunch at Crossroads Kitchen, Marriott Marquis

This Friday we went to Crossroads Kitchen, Marriott Marquis for brunch. As soon we entered we were welcomed by Mr. Rohit, who guided us to our corner table with a beautiful view overlooking the hotel entrance and busy streets of west bay. He also prepared a mocktail, fruit punch for us which was so refreshing!


There were Bread and Cheese selections. Also Fresh Fruits and a number of Appetizers such as Soups, Beef sausage rolls and Egg Benedict.

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They looked really fancy but we ditched the appetizers and went straight to the Salad bar which was huge! There was a variety of Salads but our favorites amongst them were the Chicken Fajita Salad and the Potato Salad.

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After that, we ordered white sauce pasta from the Pasta station. We wanted to have penne pasta which wasn’t present at that time but they were kind enough to get it especially for us.

La Cucina Live Counter
La Cucina Live Counter

Coming to the Main Course, as it was an International Theme, there were a lot of options to choose from. They had so much, ranging from Beef Wellington to Masala Dosa, Fried Fish to Sautéed Vegetables, Lamb Okra to Chicken Tagine, Frilled Shrimps to Cauliflower Gratin and much much more! Our personal favorite items were Fried Fish, Lobster, Manakish and Shawarma. And also the Dosa which was prepared live in front of us. It was accompanied with delicious Sambar and coconut and mint chutneys.

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There was also a live Sushi Station. We didn’t try the sushi though.

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Finally we went over to Desserts. The dessert spread was massive too. There was Chocolate Fondant, Homemade ice-creams, Cakes, Souffles and what not!

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There was also an Administered kids play area in the corner. And Food Items for kids such as Nachos, Mini Burgers, Popcorn etc. We were very much tempted to try something from there as well but were so full by then that couldn’t give it a try.

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So that was it folks! The place gave very calming and relaxing vibes. It’s a well planned restaurant, which gives you an element of privacy as well. We had a good time!

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For more information, visit Zomato:

Crossroads Kitchen - Marriott Marquis Doha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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