QIFF 2017

The wait is over and this year’s Qatar International Food Festival is finally here! It’s here and here to stay but only till 8th of April 2017. So, what are you guys waiting for. If you are here in D-town, you should definitely go and pay a visit at-least once and we are sure you will love it. We mean why won’t you, when there’s going to be Dinner in the sky, Movie under the Stars, Live Cooking Shows and much much more! For more details you can visit official website of QIFF.

Why we personally love this once a year food festival is because it is an event for literally everyone! No matter how old are you, how much your budget is, whatever your favorite food is, you will get everything at one place! The best part is that it is a family event where participating food outlets range from 5 star hotels to home based businesses. And every single one of them is bound to sell every food item at a price no more than Qr. 35.

This year too, like the previous years, we are going to visit the festival at-least a couple of times. Because you know what, one visit can never be enough! The good news is that this time we are going to share our experiences with all of you as well. Whatever we eat there, we are going to do a mini-review here so you can have a better idea of what is actually being offered.

Just make sure that you keep on coming back to check this list as we will be updating it on (almost a) regular basis. And also note that this list is in no particular order, it’s going to be just like first come, first serve, or should we say, first see, first eat basis!


Ezdan Hotel’s Sports Cafe is offering their menu at this year’s festival. The menu includes fresh Salads, Starters, Pizza, Grilled Burgers, Desserts and Hot and Cold Beverages. The prices range from Qr. 3 to Qr. 25.

We tried their Chicken Pizza. It’s a medium sized pizza priced at Qr. 25. And we must say its great value for money. This thin crust pizza tastes good and costs even better!

Chicken Pizza Ezdan Hotel
Chicken Pizza


MiNiS Doha:

This brand has become very popular in a very short time for it’s mini pancakes. And no doubt they taste amazing. They have got a number of different flavors such as kinder, white chocolate, lotus, nutella etc. They also serve savory items like burgers and pastas.

We tried the mini pancakes, half lotus and half kinder. They tasted great, we liked the kinder flavor more. In our opinion the price is bit on the higher side. For these 10 pieces of minis we paid Qr 30.

Minis Doha


Net A Burger:

We had read a couple of good reviews about this place and then got to know that they would be setting up a stall in QIFF as well, so were quite excited to try it. We had Pom Nab, Chicken Mini Nab and Chicken Classic Nab. Pom Nab, priced Qr. 20, was a pomegranate drink which tasted nothing more than 7-up mixed with pomegranate syrup. Chicken Classic Nab, priced Qr. 30, was a typical grilled chicken burger. Nothing really different about it. Same was the was with Chicken Mini Nab. Priced at Qr. 25, it was a mini, rather micro-mini burger which came with a meal i.e. a small packaged juice and french fries. The french fries were hard as stone. We couldn’t even eat them! Overall we were quite disappointed with the food. Prices were on the higher side but taste was not great at all.

But one thing that we specifically want to mention is that their service was great. The staff was very welcoming and helpful. Thumbs up for the service!

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They have set up a cute little stall with some yummy desserts. We tried their Pistachio and Saffron jars, priced at Qr. 20 each. Both of the flavors turned out to be really nice.

Pistachio and Saffron at Faloda Qiff
Pistachio and Saffron


W Hotel:

W hotel’s stall welcomes you with cheerful staff and good variety of food items ranging from starters to desserts. We tried their Tiramisu, priced at Qr.20. Great value for money!

Tiramisu at W Hotel


Chipstix Doha:

Lets be honest, we love these spiral fries. Well, who doesn’t! So these tornado or spiral or stick fries, or whatever you call them are available in different sizes at several stalls at the festival. The one pictured below is from Chipstix Doha, priced at Qr. 10.

Tornado Fries
Chips on Stick


Evergreen Organics:

One of the busiest stalls at the festival, offering healthy, organic and vegan options for Doha-ites. Where everyone was going crazy over their fresh coconut water, we decided to try the Be Comforted drink and Magic Balls. Magic Ball, priced at Qr. 15 each, was a small charcoal ball, which tasted just okay. But Be Comforted was the real winner for us. This heavenly drink or ‘Mini Ice Karak’ as they call it, is made with nut milk, Ayurvedic spices, dates and sea salt, is absolutely amazing. We would definitely be going for more!

Be Comforted at Evergreen Organics
Be Comforted


Falk 6aeeb Ice-cream:

This Strawberry and Vanilla ice-cream, priced at Qr. 15, took us back in time! Remember, those small ice-cream cones which we used to have when we were small little kids? Yes, it was the same thing but served in cute traditional cups instead of a cone.

Strawberry and Vanilla Ice-Cream
Strawberry and Vanilla Ice-Cream



This stall was also insanely crowded. We had to wait around 30 minutes for our order to arrive. We tried Chicken Slider (Qr. 30), Dynamite Chicken (Qr. 25) and Nuggets and Fries (Qr. 15) which came with their special sauce. Our favorite item out of the lot was Dynamite Chicken. Overall the food tasted good but it was very difficult to collect our food. As we didn’t get everything altogether, by the time we received everything and sat down to eat, some of the items had become cold by then.

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