Just a few days ago we came across the instagram account of a newly opened restaurant in Qatar, named Mandilicious. The name was so attractive and so were the pictures that they had posted in their account. Right there and then we knew it was going to be next on our list.

So, yesterday we headed to Mandilicious, Salwa Road for dinner. We were welcomed by the staff with Arabic Coffee; Gahwa and Dates.

Arabic Coffee Gahwa

Then we were escorted upstairs where we had option to either dine on the table or a majlis. We went for the majlis, which was spacious and had an element of privacy.

Here we must mention that we were really impressed by the interiors. The Arabic music in the background complemented really well with the traditional decor.

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We were surprised to see the menu which was very extensive with lots of options. For starters, we ordered Meat Soup, savory mutton rib broth infused with Arabian spices. On it’s own, it tasted just ok, rather a bit too salty, but when we squeezed some lemon on it, the taste turned out to be great. The soup was gone within minutes!

Meat Soup at Mandilicious
Meat Soup

We also ordered Mandilicious Salad. According to the menu, it was supposed to be an ‘Arabian feast of greens topped with fresh mint, basil and drizzled with a creamy dressing’. But in reality, we couldn’t find any fresh mint or the creamy dressing on it. But whatever it had, the salad was very fresh and the dressing was amazing!

Mandilicious Salad
Mandilicious Salad

For mains we ordered Kabsa Hashi and Chicken Mandi. Kabsa Hashi is a signature Saudi dish of camel meat cooked in a special blend of rice and spices. Firstly, we were were glad that they HAD camel meat, as opposed to majority of the other places which mention camel meat in their menus but they either don’t have it most of the time or an advance order is required. Now coming to the dish itself, the camel meat was very tender and tasted good too.

Kabsa Hashi
Kabsa Hashi

Chicken Mandi was great too! Traditional, steam roasted chicken was definitely melt in your mouth tender. Unlike, others it looked appetizing too. The rice, topped with fried onions, were cooked to perfection. The crunch of fried onions made it even better!

Chicken Mandi
Chicken Mandi

For desserts, we had Kunafa. It was not very sweet, just the way we like it to be!


We had a lovely time there.With great food, good ambiance, competitive prices and friendly staff, Mandilicious is definitely a good addition to D-Town’s food scene. It is definitely going to be our new favorite mandi place!

For now, they have just done a soft opening. The Grand opening is going to be on April 18th, 2017. For more information:

Mandilicious Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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