Eid Dinner at N.Zain Cafe

After hearing many good things about the newly opened N.Zain Café, we decided to have Eid dinner there. Once we reached The Pearl, it wasn’t difficult to find the place. Ample parking was also available nearby.

We were delighted to see such cool and refreshing ambiance of the café. Interiors were beautiful, seating was spacious and to our surprise every table was equipped with quite a lot of board games.

N.Zain Cafe
N.Zain Cafe

The staff was very welcoming. Soon after we got seated, we were shown the menu which had very limited options. We were told that buffet was also available which included drinks as well. We opted for the buffet, as the A’la Carte menu wasn’t quite impressive and also because the buffet, especially the desserts on the conveyer belt looked very appealing!

For drinks, they had option of Vimto and Lemon Mojito. You could choose any of them and ask for as many refills. Personally we liked Vimto more, as the Lemon Mojito was too sour.


Coming to the starters, they had two types of soups, lentil and chicken soup. Bread was also available on request.

Other starters included quite a lot of options such as salads, dips etc. We especially liked the hummus, cheese samosas, spring rolls and watermelon salad.

Samosa and Spring Roll
Samosa and Spring Roll

Main Course was superb. We liked almost all the items. Lamb Majboos, Macaroni, White Chicken and Kebabs were definitely the winners for us. The meat was so tender and juicy. Rice were also cooked to perfection. All the dishes were well balanced and unique in their own flavor. We really enjoyed them.

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Although, a lot of desserts were available but sadly we couldn’t find any dessert which could satisfy our palette. Every single dessert tasted a bit too sweet for our liking. The fruit salad was probably the only dessert which we liked.

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Overall our experience was good. Main course was amazing, the staff was very helpful and attentive. But one thing which quite bothered us was the price. As far as we remember, we were told that the charge for buffet is Qr. 160 per person (for kids and adults alike). And we were also charged accordingly. But as soon we reached home, we got to know that kids had to be charged half price and not full. We conveyed this to the café management through one of their social media accounts, but haven’t heard from them since then.

N.ZAIN Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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