Last night we tried L’incontro which is an Italian restaurant located in the Ghanem Business Centre, Bin Mehmood.


With dim lighting and comfortable sofas, the place looks very warm and cozy. They have a semi-open kitchen and ample sitting space.


We were bit disappointed with the service. As soon we entered the restaurant, the person at the front desk seemed to be least bothered. He literally pointed towards the restaurant and said yeah you can sit wherever you want.

Once we found a good enough table for ourselves, we found out that it needed to be cleaned. We asked a waiter, who was passing by, to make it for us. He told us that he will clean it, in the meantime we can sit on another table. Five minutes passed by and there was no sight of him. We had to call him again and remind him that he had to clear the table for us. He then got the table ready and we moved there.

We also had to wait a lot for the food. Nobody was around when we wanted anything. Used plates were never removed.


First up complimentary bread basket was served. The bread tasted really good, it was fresh, soft and delicious. It came in a cute basket too!

Complimentary Bread Basket
Complimentary Bread Basket

As were quite hungry, we skipped the appetizer and ordered main course right away. We ordered:

Milano Burger:

We ordered this burger on staff’s recommendation. It was an angus beef burger which was served with truffle sauce and fries. The bun was fresh and nice but the patty was not that good, lacked flavor and was a bit oily.

Milano Burger (Qr. 79)
Milano Burger (Qr. 79)

Filleti Di Orata:

Pan fried sea bream fillets were served with cumin risotto and roasted garlic. The risotto was cooked well, and accompanied the sea bream well. The sea bream on the other hand was dry. Good that they served it with a sauce, which balanced out the dish.

Sea-bream (Qr. 103)
Sea-bream (Qr. 103)

Biancaneve Alla Romana:

White roman pasta with truffle cream and chicken. This was definitely the dish of the night! We had a good pizza after ages! We loved everything about it.

White Roman Pizza (Qr. 65)
White Roman Pizza (Qr. 65)


We were so full by the end of it, so didn’t have any dessert.

Total Bill: Qr. 283 (includes water and soft drink)

What we liked:

  • As stated above, we loved the white pizza.
  • The portion sizes were big.
  • Ambiance was nice.
  • Food was fresh.

What we didn’t like:

  • Service was very disappointing.
  • Had to wait a lot for food.

Our Verdict:

We will definitely go back for that pizza but it will most probably be a take away as the service was a miss!


L'INCONTRO Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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